Peer Support

Are you uncertain about where to start or feel uncomfortable talking to a healthcare provider?

If you’d like to first open up to someone who can understand what you are going through, we have peer support workers to help you.

Kickstand peer support workers come from different backgrounds and have their own experiences with mental health or substance use challenges.

They are trained for virtual appointments and can offer you emotional support and connections based on their lived experiences.

Learn more about peer support with our Peer Support Worker, Katelyn Greer!

  • Trained in Peer Support at CMHA Calgary
  • Taught the Peer School for Youth at CMHA Calgary
  • Works at Kickstand Connect Virtually Mondays and Thursdays!
  • Likes: Nails, make-up, artwork, YouTube, food, self-care, Egyptian mythology, going to the gym, cooking, board games
What is peer support?
How is a Peer Support Worker different from a doctor or talking to a friend?

Peer Support Workers at Kickstand are:

  • trained
  • have rules and competencies to follow
  • have expectations for their formal work role
  • have supervision
  • are intentional with their practice of Peer Support
  • and trained specifically to work with young people!
What is the difference between Peer Support and mental health and substance use counselling?

Why book a peer support appointment?


1-on-1 Peer Support appointments are available on Mondays and Thursdays from 1 to 5 P.M.

Check our website and social media regularly for updated program and service options!

If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact emergency services (9-1-1) now.