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It can often be tough to reach out to someone else for support or advice. We’ve felt the same.

Kickstand’s innovative MoreGoodDays message service can deliver a daily dose of inspiration and advice straight to your phone via text message. Whether you’re feeling high or low on any given day, these simple messages can shift your perspective and give you something positive to build on.

Get started by texting MoreGoodDays to 393939.

MoreGoodDays was pioneered by a University of Alberta researcher to support mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kickstand was excited to work with 26 young people across Alberta to craft unique text messages designed to connect, encourage and empower. Give it a try!

MoreGoodDays is totally free – but if you normally pay to receive text messages, you may incur charges. Check with your carrier to be sure.

Reply STOP MoreGoodDays to opt out of the program.

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If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact emergency services (9-1-1) now.