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Counselling for Mental Health and Substance Use

There are times when we feel down, distressed, concerned about our substance use, nervous, or just have too much going on.

No need to figure it all out by yourself. Connect with a Kickstand counsellor and leave with a plan to address what is important to you!

Introducing Substance Use Counselling to Kickstand

The use of legal and illegal substances is common in our families and communities today and it can sometimes be confusing or lead to questions for young people. Do you want to talk to a professional and get accurate information? Do you have a question or concern about your own patterns of substance use or of someone in your life? Are you worried and don’t know where to ask for help? Our substance use counselors can listen without judgement and help by providing information, teaching skills and strategies, or acting as a safe person and place to practice a conversation. Reach out today to see if this is right for you.

Introducing Substance Use Counselling to Kickstand

Hi, my name is Amy Laughlin, and I am so excited to join the Kickstand Team. I’ve worked for the past 23 years supporting young people and their families who have experienced many different barriers while transitioning into adulthood.

For the past 15 years I have supported young people with complex mental health and substance use issues in the community.

I have a passion for helping others and absolutely enjoy empowering young people as they navigate through their personal wellness journey.

In my spare time I am either with my family camping, traveling around or being creative with making all kinds of crafts!

Mental Health Counselling

We currently offer single-session therapy: a single therapeutic session between provider and service user. This model of care helps us to make our services accessible to young people when they need it and means that we do not have a waiting list for services. You can sign-up for counselling on the day of or up to one week in advance. 

Currently we have mental health counselling available on Mondays from 1 to 9 PM, Wednesdays from 5 to 9 PM and Thursdays from 1 to 9 PM. 

NEW: Short-Term Mental Health Counselling!

We are excited to share that short-term counselling is now available on Kickstand Connect!  

Short-term counselling is helpful if you would like regularly scheduled appointments with the same therapist to help you deal with a tough situation, learn new coping skills, or work toward your personal goals. Short-term counselling will include an intake and assessment appointment and 3-4 scheduled appointments with a therapist.    

How does it work? 

Step 1: Make an 1:1 appointment with a peer support worker or mental health counselor and let them know you are interested in short-term counselling. 

Step 2: Someone from Kickstand Connect will reach out by email to set-up a “Choice Appointment”. Here you will fill out some questionnaires about your mental health and overall health, plus share your goals for short-term counselling. 

Step 3: Then, you will get to share your preference for which therapist you’d like to work with!  

Step 4: Your assigned therapist will reach out by e-mail to schedule your first short-term appointment.  

Interested in short-term counselling? Make a 1:1 appointment for peer support or mental health counselling to learn more, ask questions, and get started!  

Meet our mental health providers!

  • Intense passion for Mindfulness Therapy and has supported many clients through addiction counselling
  • Registered Nurse, graduated from Macewan University in 2014
  • Identifies as a member of the 2STLGBTQ+ community
  • Mental health therapist of seven years
  • Registered Provisional Psychologist
  • Prides herself in being able to create a safe space for clients
  • Extensive experience working with immigrant and refugee clients, individuals who identify as bi/multicultural
  • Identifies as a Black, feminist therapist that employs an anti-oppressive, decolonizing, trauma-informed approach
  • If you’re a gamer, you will be a good fit with Petrina
  • “Think of me as a reliable NPC who can give you some hints for the more challenging quests in your life.”
  • Cis-gendered white woman with “more than a few silver hairs in her head”
  • Being an occupational therapist and getting to be of service to others gives life a sense of purpose and meaning
  • Worked in the mental health field for over ten years, with the last six as a Counselling Therapist
  • In her personal time, she strives to balance video games, coffee, and bird watching
  • Worked closely with a diverse population & brings humour, empathy and genuine nature to each session
  • Registered Psychologist with experience working with youth in schools, clinics, groups, and community-based programs
  • Strives to bring a culturally different perspective when seeing clients
  • Immigrated to Canada from the Philippines during childhood & can use both English and Tagalog in clinical work
  • Registered Provisional Psychologist with a Master’s in Counselling, uses the CBT approach to support clients in their journey to healing
  • Loves watching movies, cooking, and spending time with her family
  • Has experience working in an addiction treatment center + working with Indigenous folks, teens, and young adults who struggle with their mental health
  • Canadian Certified Counsellor with an M.Ed in Counselling Psychology
  • Believes that our journey to wellness starts with cultivating self-compassion
  • Worked with young people for the last 10 years, and in the last 5 years directly focused on supporting youth with mental health and substance use concerns
  • graduated in 2020 with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, from Yorkville University in New Brunswick
  • a Provisionally Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists
  • prior to joining Kickstand, worked with Alberta Health Services in youth addictions for 2 years
  • enjoys working with children (ages 12 and up), teens, families, and young adults who have diverse needs
  • will bring a compassionate, understanding, and friendly demeanor to my work with you as I help you to see your positive qualities, strengths, and exceptional abilities.
  • will assist you to realize your capacity to find solutions, coping skills, and strategies and access your inner strengths
  • loves playing soccer, traveling, listening, and playing musical instruments, dancing, and entertainment of all kinds.
  • enjoys hanging out with family members, friends, and colleagues
  • likes to go for long walks in nature, watch movies with my family and play table tennis
  • Registered Social Worker with a Masters in Social Work degree with a specialization in Trauma Informed Practice
  • believes that everyone has the power to create change in their lives and is grateful to help support people on their journeys
  • can be found spending time exploring the river valley with my puppy, lost on the recipe side of TikTok or hanging with my family and friends
  • Registered Social Worker with a Masters degree in Social Work and clinical specialization in Addiction and Mental health
  • 11 years of work experience in mental health care among all ages and diverse cultural communities
Mental Health Providers 2
  • graduated with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and is a Canadian Certified Counsellor
  • worked with children, abused women, victims of human trafficking, sexual assault survivors, seniors, immigrants, and refugees at various capacities
  • strong advocate for peoples from diverse cultures, background, and ethnicities & has been an active council member of the Immigrant Advisory Council of Red Deer in Alberta since 2016
  • her goal is to meet where the clients are at, honor their experiences, and journey with them towards the development of their full potential


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